You all might be wondering what is happening in the political and war front and why?

Why is everyone talking about the World War, what will lead to it, and what can happen?

(This blog contains my personal views about the big political powers, so need to get offended)

Let’s get into the science of world war.

World War II

World war II had devastating effects and numerous number of casualties, about 50 million lives.

The war in Europe began on September 1, 1939 with invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany, and concluded on September 2, 1945 with the official surrender of the last axis nation, Japan. However, in Asia the war began earlier with Japanese intervention in China, and in Europe, the war ended earlier with the unconditional surrender of Germany on

May 8, 1945.

Soviet Union(from June 1941) and United States(from December 1941) were allies.

But you are not here for the facts, are you? You want to understand what’s happening and why?

What is happening!?

North Korea is testing it’s nuclear missiles.

  • Why?

To be recognised as a strong nuclear state in the world.

Russia is supporting North Korea by deploying it’s military on North Korean borders.

  • Why?

Though not official, but Russia is considered as North Korea’s ally.

US has deployed missile defence systems in South Korea.

  • Why?

North Korea has threatened US repeatedly.

World War III !?

But how come 2 past allies can be against each other!?

Russia an US, both are the biggest political and war entities we have. After the world war, US with it’s democratic capitalist ideology, wanted the same for every other country, it wanted to spread it’s ideology. Russia with it’s soviet communist ideology, also wanted the same.

This has led to some conflict among the world’s greatest powers.

Also if US attacks North Korea, if North Korea launches a nuke on US, and wins(US wins), it’ll be able to deploy it’s military on Russian borders as North Korea shares its boundaries with Russia.

And to become the only greatest power of the world, US might consider this option. But in order to do so, it’ll have to go through the Russian army, which again will lead to a huge war.

So if any one of these countries take a move, there’s going to be a war, but it is highly unlikely, as I don’t think that Kim Jong Un will want to get crushed under these two war monsters, or US and Russia will risk millions of innocent lives.

What do you think!?


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