What will happen if a bucket of water is poured on the Sun!?

We know for a fact that many years from now, the sun will extinguish. Then, what is going to happen to the earth? Will it survive?

The answer to this question is NO. In fact, the earth will die an agonising death. But before this happens, millions of years before, the human race will die.

Why not try extinguishing the sun before we go. I mean, at least it sounds interesting.

First of all, how will the sun die? 

If we calculate the amount of total energy reaching earth on a daily basis, it accounts for as much as 170 trillion kilowatts. But this is only a part of the energy dispersed by the sun. The actual amount of total energy is about 2 billion times more. This much amount of energy can ensure humans existence for millions of years. Even if we find a way to trap some of this total energy, we need not worry about the electricity bills we receive.

According to the theory of relativity, if a body gives off energy, it’s mass decreases. But how much mass does our sun lose?

4.4 x 1012 grams per second, or roughly 4 million tons of mass, per second, due to fusion.

So generally, the sun is extinguishing because it is burning, or in other words, it is emitting energy through thermo-nuclear fusion.

With this amount of energy, the sun can burn upto 10 billion years. But half of it’s lifespan is already over. Does this mean we have another 5 billion years to find out a solution? Well, unfortunately NO. As told above, the human race will not be able to survive the condition till then, so it’ll be extinct many years before the sun stops burning.

Pouring water on Sun!

So we’ll not be able to see the sun burning out it’s fuel completely, eh!? Bummer!

So why not get ahead of time and do it ourselves.

Let’s consider the possibility of having a large enough water bucket, and some means to carry it near the sun. What will happen then? Will it stop burning? or…

Normally, when anything burns on earth, it burns through combustion, which requires three basic components:

  • Fuel
  • Air
  • Heat

When we pour water on burning objects, it extinguishes fire by forming a coat of water on the fuel.

But there isn’t any air in outer space. So water cannot form a blanket, and hence cannot stop the thermo-nuclear reactions in the sun.

No matter how much water we have, the sun will not extinguish, as long as it’s fusion reactions continue.

Therefore, the sun can burn water.

What will happen then?

Water contains 89% oxygen, and sun’s density is about 1.5 times that of water. Therefore, the volume of water that equals the volume of sun, will have about 0.71 times the mass of the sun.

That will result in the birth of a new star, with weight 2 times the weight of the present sun, and composed of 48% hydrogen, 14% helium and 37% oxygen.

So, pouring water on sun will not extinguish it, but will lead to the birth of a new star, bigger and brighter than our sun.

We’ll not be fortunate, or maybe unfortunate enough to see this happening. But isn’t it mesmerising to watch the birth of a new star bigger and brighter than our own sun? What do you think!?


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