Was our universe created last Thursday!?

What if for this moment, for these 5-10 minutes, I tell you that you have to believe everything I say!

I am not saying that you have to bend to my will. But what if, everything you did to this point of your life, was all just a lie! It was just an illusion created by someone else! All your memories, all your photographs, all the things you have accomplished, all the people you have met, everyone around you, everyone texting you, all were and are fake. There is nothing such as memories, there is nothing such as past, all these things were just created last Thursday!

You’d probably say, “This is bullshit!”. I said the same when I found out. All those years, when I learned about world, science, evolution, history, and here you are, saying all of it was false.

Or maybe, I am true. Last Thursdayism is an unfalsifiable hypothesis that states that the world was created the last Thursday.

 Under Last Thursdayism, books, fossils, light already on the way from distant stars, and literally everything (including your memories of the time before last Thursday) were all formed at the time of creation (last Thursday) in a state such that they appear much older.

The discussions became popular in the year 1992!

In 1992, it was believed that the universe will be destroyed at around 10:00 PST. But it wasn’t.

As everyone knows, it was predicted that the world would end last Wednesday at 10:00 PST. Since there appears to be a world in existence now, the entire universe must therefore have been recreated, complete with an apparent “history”, last *Thursday*.                                                                                                         


The next thing you know, it gained popularity among the churches.

They came up with different beliefs and the beliefs that they listed were:

  • That the universe was created on Thursday, and will expire on Thursday.
  • That the universe was created by You as a test for yourself.
  • That you will be rewarded or punished when this universe expires based on your actions here.
  • That left-handedness is a sinful temptation.
  • That everyone but you, was placed here and pre-programmed to act as parts of your test environment.
  • That everyone but you knows this.

Now, enough about this theory. Like you, I too don’t believe this. Because you know, I have memories before last Thursday, and dates that were written by me and my journals, my exams everything.

But every logic that goes against it, can be countered by saying that all you know, was too embedded in your memory, the last Thursday!

Some people suggest that one thing that can be done to justify the fact that everyone lived before the last Thursday, is, to find the change in entropy. 

WE, humans, have been increasing the randomness, the chaos, the disturbance, the entropy, of the entire universe since the day of our birth and by calculating the change in entropy we can prove that we were there before Thursday.

But hey! absolute entropy of the the universe cannot be calculated. You can measure the change. But then I’ll say, before the last Thursday, we don’t know what entropy of the universe was, so finding a change in it, won’t necessarily mean that there was anyone living before. Because finding the change in entropy for: if there is no person, and then one comes, is the same for: if there is one person, and then another person comes.

Thursdayism can be shaved by Occam’s Razor, a philosophical tool to go against the motion. It suggest that you should not take more assumptions than the minimum required, or, if you don’t have explicit evidence to believe that something is true, then you should NOT.

The model we have, is based on many assumptions such as, everything before last Thursday was not real, there is no ‘real’ past, there is someone who has manipulated our memories and created all things we see today, and therefore is unacceptable.

Many people still believe that this is true, that the universe we see, was created the last Thursday. Do you!?


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