In 2014, a British man started to have frequent episodes of what we call Déjà vu. Just after he joined college, there were times, when for several minutes, he thought that he had already seen everything that was happening in front of him. He thought he was living his past. Every time he saw something, […]

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The God Particle (Higgs Boson)

4th of July, is a day of fireworks for Americans, but for scientists or people interested in particle physics, it was a day when their dreams were about to come true, literally. Rather than gathering with their families for cookouts or go out to a park across the country, physicists either gathered in the auditorium […]

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Life on earth seems so simple. People struggling to lead a good healthy life, people going to jobs, looking after their kids and so on. There are no mysteries left, as long as ‘leading the life’ is concerned. Science, which we humans have developed tries and has been successful in explaining the mysteries of life. […]



Imagine yourself as a 3 year old child. You are about to learn some basic things that every person learns in his childhood. Consider that you are building with coloured blocks, and you mother is helping you out. (Example taken from inphaneron.wordpress) Now, let, your mother decides that the blocks on the lower side of […]

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